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As climate-related challenges intensify—from wild fires to hurricanes to floods—measuring and managing climate risk becomes not just a responsibility but a necessity in creating a sustainable and secure future. We’re committed to helping your business mitigate this risk.


Introducing our next-gen software: 

“Our industry is an ever-changing landscape.The one constant is the need for out-of-the-box innovation.”

Marc Riccio, SDS Founder + President


Loan Origination Software

Streamlining the loan origination process is now within reach. RemoteLender, one of our core products, helps you process, underwrite, and close all loan types with the simplicity of one system. With this versatile software, you can maintain compliance, trim overhead, improve customer satisfaction and, best of all, save time.


Operational Risk Software

Every day, businesses are impacted by disruptive, often catastrophic world events. Many can’t recover and close their doors. RemoteComply, our suite of risk management products, provides advanced operational contingencies to ensure your business can operate through any crisis. Growing regulatory scrutiny for continuity planning makes this software a necessity. 


Climate Risk Software

Every federal regulator, including bank regulators and the Securities & Exchange Commission, has expressed concerns about the need for software that can assess climate-related risk for financial institutions and publicly traded companies. RemoteClimate, our latest innovation, meets and exceeds this need in a time of increasingly frequent natural disasters.

Who We Serve


Banks + Credit Unions

Financial organizations are not immune to the challenges of our fast-paced industry, including but not limited to the need for regulatory compliance and thorough documentation. We provide technologies that seamlessly adapt to all the dynamic elements of banking, while improving the internal mechanisms that dictate bottom lines.


Data Centers

A key component of IT infrastructure, data centers are a driving factor for the consumption of cloud-based technology. The robust risk management platform we offer includes comprehensive business continuity tools as well as incident reporting solutions to guide each organization in managing their most critical resources during a disaster recovery effort.



Municipalities, state governments, and federal entities demand streamlined systems, risk assessment, efficient data entry, and strict adherence to compliance. Our technology meets these demands, implementing best practices, saving valuable resources, and enabling regulatory compliance all within one common platform.

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