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Keep your business running smoothly in the event of a crisis

An organization is only as good as its ability to remain open and operational during the inevitable and, at times, catastrophic disruptions of modern-day life. Natural disasters, data breaches, civil threats, cyber attacks, and global events can impact your business if you aren’t prepared. Having the right systems in place is essential in order to protect your employees, serve your customers, and minimize financial hardship for your institution and its investors.

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an organization-wide strategy that incorporates all critical elements of your business. The important question: How will each react in a disaster? If the concept seems daunting, we have the tools to help. We can assist in the creation, analysis, and testing of your Business Continuity Plan.

Disaster recovery is imperative to keep your business up and running and it requires a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. Your BCP will evaluate all the crucial parts of your business and help map out: 1) how to collect and correlate data and resources when a crisis occurs 2) how to keep your employees safe under threat 3) how to understand your institution’s interdependency with other businesses and the risk that comes with it when emergencies happen. As part of our consulting services, we can write your BCP.

Creating a BCP


BIA is an indispensable part of your BCP. Knowing the answers to hard questions will help you prioritize and develop solutions. For instance, what are the consequences for your business if your core provider is unable to function? Can your institution still operate for a period of time or should you have a secondary provider available? Once this type of in-depth analysis is complete, your strategy must be tested before being accepted and disseminated. A BIA module can be included as part of our consulting services.

Business Impact Analysis


Maintaining your BCP is equally important. Annual reviews are mandatory and post-incident reviews a must. More frequent model testing is recommended and one way to do that is through coordinated response exercises, known as Tabletop Testing. Bringing your employees together to test a variety of emergency scenarios allows for hands-on preparation and practice. We offer a Tabletop module that enables regulatory compliant documentation, providing auditors with proof that testing was performed.

Tabletop Testing


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