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Today, climate risk is a growing threat.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, floods, mudslides, and earthquakes are just a few of the natural disasters that will affect the day-to-day operations of many businesses.

The good news is that climate risk is measurable. Organizations that take the lead in factoring this into their business strategy are the ones that will be sustainable and at the forefront of the industry.

Do you know your organization’s risk rating?

Knowing the answer to this question is the first step to safeguarding your business’ assets. Accurate risk assessment enables you to develop a resilience strategy, allocate resources wisely, and adapt to changing conditions so that your business can stay open and operational. 

We developed RemoteClimate to help companies get ahead of risk. This climate-related measurement system uses data compiled by FEMA to establish risk exposure against 18 different natural hazards. We believe this is a tech solution whose time has come. 

Climate-resilient infrastructure mitigates economic loss. It’s integral to a secure business that can truly weather any storm. 

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