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Manage operational risk with a platform that performs

Operational risk is part of doing business. Organizations face challenges, big and small, every day. Ask any compliance manager what they need to offset those challenges and the answer is a robust risk management platform. The requirements: Support for vendor management, incident response, business continuity planning, policy and procedures, emergency communications, and IT evaluation.

RemoteComply, our operational risk management platform, provides that as an enterprise-wide, cloud-based solution. Access it anywhere, anytime (mobile, tablet, or desktop). Each product seamlessly integrates into a single streamlined system.

Meet Our Risk Management Suite



Put a roadmap to recovery in place for business continuity. RemotePlan is an intuitive, automated, cloud-based solution for Business Continuity Planning. Following recognized Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) methodology, the software helps identify potential threats that can disrupt operation, offers a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) module to support recovery, and ensures the creation of a complete and compliant BCP. A few additional features: table-top testing support, data management, audit tracking, and comprehensive reporting.



Have an incident response system in place before a breach happens. RemoteIncident enables your business to organize and manage the aftermath of any incident (cybersecurity attack, bank robbery, fraud/phishing, personal injury) with forethought. Designed after the NIST framework and FFIEC guidelines, the system helps prevent escalation and recurrence by allowing you to define incident priority level, manage your escalation policy, identify Incident Response Teams, prioritize tasks, and create a recovery log.



Say no to segregated silos of vendor information. RemoteVendor manages all your vendor contracts, financials, insurance certificates, audit reports, and more within one comprehensive platform, increasing efficiency while minimizing third-party risk. Some key features: At-a-glance dashboard, repositories for due diligence and sensitive document storage, vendor-unique conversation log for phone and email correspondence, due-date alert notifications, and a fully interactive, audit-ready questionnaire designed by agency regulators.



Keep your organization up to date despite everchanging industry regulations, technology, and best practices. RemotePolicy is a document management system that manages all aspects of maintaining policies and procedures. Documents are stored and tracked by division, department, and author, the dashboard displays alerts and policy updates, reporting is done in real-time, and change tracking provides an audit trail. The software also offers an approval process to certify policies and procedures for compliance and testing.



Stay operational and profitable by assessing your IT risk. RemoteProfile helps an organization determine their IT risk posture and how well the technology department is managing that risk. The software will evaluate the existing technology controls your organization has in place and report on any vulnerabilities that are uncovered before helping to manage the remediation process. Protecting IT assets like customer and employee data, software applications, and network security is paramount to being able to prevent security incidents. 



Deliver critical bulletins with the push of a button. RemoteNotify is a two-way emergency notification system which allows organizations to deliver urgent messages in the event of a crisis, public warning, IT service alert, power outage, and more. Employees and call groups can instantly receive emails, text messages, or voice calls to ensure they stay informed. Accurate and efficient communication during an event is an important part of risk management and the need for an intuitive system that works across all devices is crucial for every organization.

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