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Prepare for any

emergency with a specialized guide

We work in a digital field, but a physical guidebook becomes an office necessity when a crisis occurs. Our fully customizable Emergency Guides are designed to keep your staff prepared for a wide variety of threatening situations, from hurricanes, fires, and floods to cyber attacks, robberies and system failures. Each guide is tailored to deliver information specific to your organization’s safety policies and procedures and can be stored in employee desk drawers or mounted on a wall for instant accessibility.


Climate-related events and destructive incidents are on the rise and Emergency Guides are a cost-effective way to ensure your employees are educated on safety. Each booklet is structured with color-coded panels that act as emergency flashcards, allowing staff members to easily communicate while under threat.

Safety At A Glance

Emergency Guide Dimensions:

9” W x 7” H (closed)

Polyboard Cover (.035” thick)

Instant Crisis Response

Tiered Information Cards

Fully Customizable

Regulatory Compliant

Easy to Understand

Simple to Update


Critical Communication

Whether a threat comes in the form of a fire, flood, hurricane, physical attack, or system failure, our guidebook allows for quick and concise communication. Employees can easily alert other team members about their safety status with flashcards depicting emergency symbols and phrases—such as fire, Need Help, All Clear, and more.

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