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Increase efficiency, productivity, and value with customization

Financial institutions don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach to loan origination. We don’t either. We offer customizable lending software that encompasses all loan types from Mortgage, Equity, and Home Equity Loans (HELOC) to Consumer and Commercial Loans. And we offer it within one platform from point-of-sale to closing. 

With its efficient automation and ease of use, RemoteLender creates a more succinct and satisfying experience for your customers while enabling your loan officers to close more loans in less time. This all-in-one loan origination solution uses “rules-based” technology to provide the flexibility and configurability necessary for a lending system that will grow with your institution.


All Loan Types.

One Platform.

LOS Simplified.

Loan origination is a complex process for both lenders and borrowers thanks to detailed data entry, rigid rules and regulations, changing market conditions, and strict underwriting criteria. RemoteLender revolutionizes the approach.


Our streamlined, customizable LOS simplifies the business of loan origination. This end-to-end, cloud-based solution meets all your loan needs by supporting ALL loan types, including:


+ Mortgages (Conventional, FHA, VA, Construction)

+ Equity Loans


+ Consumer Loans (Auto, Boat, Recreational, Unsecured Personal,   

Secured Personal, etc)

+ Commercial Loans (Real Estate, C&I, SBA)

+ Specialized Financial Loans (Multi-Family, Non-QM, Aviation, Manufactured Housing, Energy Efficiency, Agriculture & Farm)


Other benefits? RemoteLender can be used by your entire lending staff and the software’s flexible architecture allows the “lending rules” to be easily modified and maintained—no programmers needed. And if you don’t want to be involved in the maintenance, our experienced staff is available to maintain the lending rules on your behalf as part of our concierge support services. Read on for more reasons why RemoteLender is the premier lending choice for your organization.

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lending. You need to originate, process, underwrite, and close mortgage, consumer, and commercial loans around individual business models. RemoteLender provides customization using staging functionalities, tailored queries and work queues, and pricing engine capabilities, among other features. This creates a more efficient workflow, increases productivity, and curbs costs for your organization. It also means an easier experience and greater satisfaction for your customers.

Flexible + Configurable


Generate all your mortgage, consumer, and commercial loan documents “on-demand” with a built-in doc prep engine. This RemoteLender feature eliminates your reliance on expensive third-party doc prep providers, resulting in improved security. RemoteLender forms offers additional functionality by expediting underwriting and reporting capabilities, supporting automated report scheduling and providing hard copy and digital reports. 

Built-in Doc Prep  

+ Reporting


RemoteLender delivers two-way, real time integration with critical third-party providers like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and FHA, helping to ensure compliance—a necessity in residential and commercial real estate lending. Built-in compliance testing is an integral part of our LOS, which seamlessly interfaces with credit reporting agencies, HMDA, title & recording fee services, mortgage insurance companies, geo-coding solutions, appraisal management & imaging platforms, flood services, MERS, secondary marketing systems, point of sale, electronic signatures, and all loan servicing platforms.

Integration + Compliance


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